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Online Advertising

SES Global are leaders in the online marketing industry, specialising in Google Adwords, Search Engine Optimisation, Professional Website Design and Social Networking.

As a Google AdWords Certified Partner, SES Global is up to date with the latest techniques, ensuring you achieve a greater return on your investment for all your online marketing needs.

It is crucial with any online advertising campaign that time is spent in researching all relevant keywords to maintain higher conversion rates. SES Global will give you a competitive edge and have you appear to an audience that’s already interested in you!

There are a few sections of your online advertising campaign that will help your business succeed in online marketing.

Our Google Adwords Qualified Individual takes great pride in their work and endevours to achieve the best results for their clients in terms of business gained and ROI.

Google Analytics Reporting

SES Global provides a comprehensive service that grants customers their own login access to Google Analytics. This powerful tool enables you to track website traffic not only from your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign but also from your generic or organic listings on all search engines. By utilizing Google Analytics, you gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your website and advertising efforts.

With Google Analytics Reporting, you can access a robust and user-friendly reporting system that operates 24/7. This means you have constant access to real-time data and can monitor your website's performance at any time. The reports offer customizable summaries that allow you to focus on the specific metrics that matter most to your business. You can gain visibility into various aspects such as the number of clicks received, keyword searches related to both PPC and organic traffic, and the amount of time visitors spend on your site.

The reporting capabilities of Google Analytics go beyond basic traffic statistics. You can analyze the data to gain insights into user behavior, identify trends, and make informed decisions to optimize your website and advertising strategies. By leveraging the detailed reports, you can identify which keywords are driving the most traffic and conversions, evaluate the effectiveness of different marketing channels, and refine your campaigns accordingly.

SES Global's Google Analytics Reporting service provides you with a comprehensive and customizable platform to track and evaluate the performance of your website and advertising campaigns. With constant access to real-time data, you can make data-driven decisions, optimize your strategies, and maximize the effectiveness of your online presence. Gain a clear indication of how well your website is performing, and unlock valuable insights to propel your business forward in the competitive digital landscape.

Pay Per Click Advertising

By placing your business on Google with highly targeted keywords specific to your industry and location, Pay-Per-Click Advertising gives your business an advantage over your competitors.

Targeted Reach. Now you can advertise to people searching on Google. Even if you already appear in Google's search results, SES Global can help you target new audiences.

Greater Control. We can edit your ads and adjust your budget until you get the results you want. We can also display a variety of ad formats and even target your ads to specific languages and geographic locations.

Measurable Value. With the cost-per-click option, you're only charged if people click on your ads. This means every dollar of your budget goes toward bringing new prospects to you. Concerned about costs? Don't worry - SES Global puts you in complete control of your spending.

Set Your Budget. The amount you pay for AdWords is up to you. You can, for instance, set a daily budget of five dollars and a maximum cost of ten cents for each click on your ad.

Avoid Guesswork. We provide keyword traffic and cost estimates so you can make informed decisions about choosing keywords and maximising your budget.

Local and Regional Targeting. We can set your ads to appear only to people searching in a particular region. Now it's easy to target online customers within, say, 25 km of your front door.

Campaign Management

In an age where technology is rapidly growing and changing each day, it is important to stay ahead of your competitors.

SES Global's qualified Campaign Managers are constantly keeping up to date with modern technology and techniques to better enhance the performance of your Pay-Per-Click Campaign giving you a greater return on your investment.

SES Global remains the leader in its field for offering flexible packages which allow you to market your business seasonally, on individual days of the week, or even specific hours of the day.

You will receive detailed reports including click rates to your individual keywords, your positioning, conversions, and most importantly our reporting system which can be tailored to suit your individual business requirements. You need to know how well your campaign is working and our report system will provide you an easy way to do that!

We DO NOT direct you to the call centre - you will be assigned your own dedicated qualified Google Campaign Manager, right here in our Sydney office!